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A Bit About ME

I am here to connect You to the wisdom of your heart, so that you can light up your life and live life more fully.

My heart calls to you as you are ready to open to your journey.

Hello and welcome to my journey and Yours.

I Love Life

I am creative and quirky and funny and loving.

I have travelled through the mess and the mud, through the seaweed and the cobwebs, into the caves and up mountains.

Along the way I have discovered the flow of Mother Nature’s seasons, her mystical cycles that I can tap into and align with.

The Moon's energies and phases excite and inspire me.

I have found a Spiral and spiritual way of living that has changed my everything.

Most importantly I found my voice! To express and share with you.

Anointed as Priestess to the Goddess I follow the guidance of Elisha Halpin and her Heroine's Mystical Journey, as well as teachings on archetypes, somatic work, breath-work taught by David Elliot and the endless pile of books on my table.

This journey is plentiful and amazing, and I would love for you to join me.


Everything You Need

Here is how I will lead you along your S∆CRED path of Transformation and Becoming, towards Loving yourself. 

You choose your Journey.



Living A S∆CRED Life

I had a wakeup call.

One moment when I heard the calling of My Self.

I trusted the whisper in my head that I knew was my inner voice, my intuition or whatever you would like to call it.

It said WAKE UP

It said DON’T LET GO


I began my intentional spiritual journey after meeting my now friend, teacher and mentor at a retreat in the US. I chose to follow her teachings which totally transformed my beliefs about myself, my work and living each moment.

My heart called and I answered. I now lead my life from this loving heart, trusting it completely.

My calling was not only for my benefit but also for yours. That is why I have taken training courses and keep learning every day more to love myself, to trust the callings, to be able to teach you all this too.

I teach women methods and skills to care for themselves, to love themselves. 

With guided meditations, breath-work, movement and journaling practices self discovery happens and transformation follows. 

Contact me to find out more. 

love Nicola 

Image by Deniz Altindas

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