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The Background

I began my spiritual journey many years ago, and I begin again and again every day.

With wonderful, supporting mentors and teachers by my side I have developed, grown, released, and grown some more. 

I have found a Spiral and Spiritual way of living that has changed my everything.

Anointed as Priestess to the Goddess I follow the guidance of Elisha Halpin and her Heroine's Mystical Journey, having completed Elisha's Facilitator program Emergence in 2021.

I have also trained in a specific healing breath-work taught by David Elliot and his team. 

I am certified in facilitating the HeartMath technique.

​My learning continues with trainings on the nervous system and the endless pile of books on my table.

The work I lead includes guided meditations and breath-work, journaling and movement practices.

It is my mission to guide other women to open their hearts and discover their inner most beauty, wonder, mystery and souls.

It is my mission and my purpose to live this life to the fullest, this one life is precious. I invite you to join me.

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