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Are You a Striver?

Are You a Striver? Do you strive to do MORE? More work? more exercise? more housework? Or do you strive to be the best at what you do? Best daughter? Parent? Partner? Best at your job? More..more..more.... 💚 This was me. I love my work. But there was a time that work was taking over life. I worked all hours, days, evenings, weekends. In my 'spare' time I went to the gym, ran, walked, socialised, cleaned the house, cooked, took care of the family. There was always something else to do. My business expanded so I worked more hours. Fitness challenges came my way and I pushed my body further than ever before. I am proud of what I have achieved, BUT I know it all came at a cost. My health began to suffer, I was tired, and I knew things had to change but I didn't know how to make the changes AND the striver in me didn't want to stop. When I became ill enough to need surgery still I pushed. Until after the surgery, when I decided to return to work too soon and my body said NO! I was forced to stop, to rest and BE. It was one of the best things that could have happened. The time resting gave me a gift, very much like the time given during all the lockdowns in recently. The time allowed me to see my life from the outside in, to see where I was pushing, striving, over doing and NOT BEING. I began to realise that more than my physical body needed to be re worked. Other parts needed to be cut away too. This was the beginning of me caring for me. All of me. The care eventually transformed in to loving myself. 💚 I have a long to do list for today but I woke up exhausted after holding the Cacao Ceremony yesterday. Which, by the way was amazing, if you'd like to join the next one let me know. My self love means that I put the list to one side and I went out for a long walk, then I sat in my garden and now I write to you with an open and easeful heart. Learning how to love myself is an ongoing daily practice, it's not always as easy as today, but it's always worth it because I am worth loving. I know you are worth it too. Worth all the love that you can give to yourself. With so much love from me 💚 Nicola 💚
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