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Transform your energy, creativity, emotional state, physical body with the Power of the Breath.

Breath-work is a simple method towards healing and resetting, recharging your system.

Using the breath to help get out of your mind - releasing stuck energy - and open your heart.

Reset your nervous system with your breath.

Shifting mental blocks to flow of creativity.

Shifting scarcity to love.

Shifting feeling stuck to feeling more free.

This breathing technique invites you to quiet the mind and open to the experience of the light and peace within your heart.

With guidance from me throughout the breath-work practice, you will lay, breathe and follow the prompts.

You only need to surrender to the breath and relax.


Breath-work has changed my life.

You've probably heard that before and maybe you're curious, maybe you've not heard of breath-work at all.

I can only invite you to try it out with full acceptance that YOU can feel a shift in your system when you surrender to the experience.

Breath-work has helped my healing of pain, of stuck energy, of false beliefs and of mental blocks. It enables me to open to my innate self and the creative life I desire.

Whether you come to a group session or one to one, the experience is uniquely yours, depending on how you lean in and let the breath be your guide along with my voice, opening to the light of your heart and soul. The essence that is you.

Online Breath-work

On zoom you can practice in the comfort of your own space, your bed or floor.

Once you have booked an email will be sent with all details you need to know for your personal set-up, plus the zoom link.

Each session is 1 hour.

Groups £22. 

Next session for groups June 19th 

Intention setting with the New Moon & Summer Solstice Energies

6-7pm BST.

One to one £47. 

Sessions to be arranged between us once payment is made.

Image by Miguel Bruna

Learn to love yourself with the Breath

Breath-work in Plymouth

NEW healing breath-work sessions at Space to Move in Plymouth.

A wonderful spacious studio with easy free parking. Mats and blankets are available, bring water to drink and another items of support such as crystals or oils.

One session £22.

Dates  8th June & 13th July 7.45 - 8.45pm.

Open to all

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