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Image by Miguel Bruna


Learn to love yourself with care and intention

121 x 3 or 6 60 minute package 

We all need help. We all get stuck. We all want to find the more to life. 

How did you get here? Working so hard, giving to others, pushing your body and mind and soul to extremes. 

Maybe your children don't need you so much, your career is changing, you have given so much you feel tired, burnt out. Nothing left. 

What can you do now?

You can learn to love yourself, to take care of you.

You can discover what you enjoy, what fires you up, what you are missing and how to find more to this life.

You can find how to connect to the mystical rhythms of Mother Nature.

You can find how to heal broken parts with breath work, with guided meditations and journaling.

Say YES to Loving You.

*Trust your beliefs and choices to live fully

*Care for yourself each day

*Know that You are worth Your choices

*Live your life with more flow 

*Connect to the earth, nature’s cycles and seasons which nourish your energy and emotions.

See yourself in the True Beauty that you are.


1.Love Yourself in 3 60 minute sessions with me. 

2.Love Yourself in 6 60 minute sessions with me.

Both options are for a 6 week period.

1. £225 for 3 60 minutes

2. £450 for 6 60 minutes​