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 Sacred Ceremony
November 11th. Plymouth


We arrive at Summers end and the Beginning of Winter


Let’s not shy away or resist.

Let us embrace and welcome the changes that we are invited to bring close and explore.


The leaves have mostly fallen with the winds and the rains and the trees willingness to LET GO.

Animals are hibernating and the air feels cooler within our own breaths.


Here the mystery arrives, earlier dusks, later dawns, misty meadows as the decent begins into the underworld.

Into winter.

Into the journey that we can choose to travel with rest, meditations, sleep and surrender of the self to prepare for our own rebirth, re-awakening in Spring.


We gather to share and and set our intentions for the coming darker months together, in community.


Endings and Beginnings


Death and Birth


Light and Darkness


Circles and cycles as we flow through the seasons.


We arrive at Summers end and the Beginning o🎃

Let us explore our inner worlds together without expectation or judgements.


Let us welcome the darkness and the shorter days to connect within to our intuition, to our hearts and light.

Let us listen deeply to what we must release.

Let us join together in community to bolster our courage to transform with this opportunity for inner exploration.


At this time when the veils are thinnest, we can choose to connect to our inner wisdom, feel our fears, face them and love them, feel the roots that connect us to the Great Mother Earth.


Joining together in sacred circle as we discover our dreams, release what is needed and embrace the darkness.


Join us in Sacred Circle with

 Ceremonial Cacao or Tea followed by creating

Flower Essences that support our journey.

Saturday November 11th 11.15am - 1.45pm at Space to Move Plymouth



🎃 Wherever you may be on your personal journey you can tune into the power of the season and the honour your own uniqueness, passions and joy.

As everything around you is transforming - so are you!


💚 In community we will >>>

🎃 drink sacred cacao or tea, connecting to the spirit of the plant inviting your hearts to open, to receive yourself

💚 create flower essences to help support your intentions and energy throughout the season

🎃 be in sacred space as you connect inwardly

💚 meditate/journey

🎃 reflect and journal on your intentions

💚 belong and connect together

Click on link below to register now.

What women shared at previous Sacred Circles & Ceremonies >

 "I loved being in the company of women, feeling safe to be able to process and feel all that needed to be felt and let go of"

"I arrived feeling a little stressed and quite anxious and left feeling like me again!"

"Thanks so much for Saturday- what a beautiful ceremony"

Upcoming Events - Save the Dates

New Moon Breath Journey
November 14th 6-7.15pm
In Plymouth. Register here​ 


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