Winter Solstice

Celebrate the darkness as we work with the Winter Solstice energy, In Person with Nicola 

And create your own personal flower essence with Rebecca Millar

Saturday 17th December 11.15am 

at Space to Move, Plymouth

We've been moving Slowly into the darkness to arrive here, at the darkest days of the year. 

❄️ A time to pause and feel the presence of Spirit, the power of this Earth and the cycles we are within on our personal journey.

❄️ This is the time to feel into the intentions we set at Samhain, how they are working for and with our practices and daily life.

 ❄️This is the time to turn inward and rest in this darkness.

❄️ As the Winter Solstice allows the sun to be reborn, we can allow new possibilities to be born also

❄️ This is the time to be in sacred community.

Join us to >>>

❄️ create flower essence to help support you through this important season and Winter Solstice ceremony.

❄️ be in sacred space as we breathe

❄️ journey

❄️ move

❄️ belong and connect together