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Summer Solstice
Igniting The fullness 
Celebrate Midsummer in Sacred Ceremony

We arrive at the midpoint of this season with fire in our bellies, full blossoming of the earth and this joyous community.

 🔥 Shining in the light that we are - like the Sun

The longest day of the solar year.

Let us open our consciousness towards living the fullness of life.


Blessing our bodies, our creations, our desires and dreams. 

Inviting the mystery and magic of the lands, the light and our spirits.
I'd love to share this time with you.


🔥We celebrate the Light and welcome the darkness to come.

We celebrate what we have, who we are and what we have achieved so far this year.

Calling the power of the sun to illuminate us all.



Join us in Sacred Circle with

Sacred Ceremonial Cacao or Tea followed by creating

Flower Essences

Saturday June 17th 11.15am - 1.45pm at Space to Move Plymouth


Orange Flower





🔥 Wherever you may be on your personal journey you can tune into the power of the light and the honour your own uniqueness, passions and joy.

As everything around you is abundant - so are you!


🔥 In sacred community we will >>>

🔥 drink sacred cacao or tea, connecting to the spirit of the plant inviting your hearts to open, to receive yourself

🔥 create flower essences to help support your intentions and energy throughout the season

🔥 be in sacred space as you connect inwardly

🔥 meditate/journey

🔥 move

🔥 reflect and journal on your intentions

🔥 belong and connect together

Click on link below to register now.

Upcoming Events - Save the Dates
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May 22nd 6-7.15pm
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Open your heart Breath-work
June 13th 7.45-8.45 
Space to Move Plymouth
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Lunhasta Ceremony
July 29th 11.15 at Space to Move, Plymouth

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